Construction Project

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Front elevation of remodeled libraryArtist rendering of the front corner at Main Street and Harrison. The front grassy lot that we have now will eventually house an enclosed reading garden. Lots of natural light will enter the facility from the Main Street side through multi-colored movable prism windows. Our architects are dedicated to making certain our new facade blends in with the current local flair.

Rear elevation of remodeled library

Rear of the building, looking from Harrison Street. Windowed areas that you see will be part of our new meeting room configuration, far left (in the brown) will be staff and processing offices. The area that you’re looking at will be where our upper parking lot is currently located.


Disclaimer:  Please be aware that the images we post are artist renderings ONLY and are subject to change based on design changes, zoning issues, etc.

Building a better community!

The Marion County Public Library Board of Trustees, Director and Staff members are pleased to announce the recent news that the library has been awarded a Public Library Construction Grant offered through the Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives, with funding set aside in the State Budget by Governor Bevin. Funds in the amount of $145,600.00 will be received yearly over the course of the next twenty years. Ultimately, $2,912,000.00 will be received to assist with the renovation and expansion proposed for the library’s current location at 201 E. Main St. in Lebanon, KY.

The project, which is estimated at 3.2 million, will allow for the complete reconfiguration and modernization of the current facility as well as an expansion that will utilize grounds in the upper parking area.

Portions of the new build will encompass a larger meeting room that can accommodate groups of over 200. That same room will be divisible by moveable walls to allow for three medium sized rooms that will hold groups of around 50-60. In addition more small meeting/quiet space rooms will be offered with four spaces being accessible by the public. A larger genealogy room, a maker space (hands on technology room), a dedicated library programming room, larger staff office area, outdoor reading garden area, public snack and leisure spaces and charging areas for patron technology devices are just a few of the exciting things that the citizens of Marion County have to look forward to.

The project is estimated to cover the span of 12 to 18 months and will require that the facilities are emptied and removed to a temporary operation space during that time period. Details are being finalized regarding this move and the public will be notified soon of this location and how this will affect services and operations during that move time.

The board and staff are incredibly excited about the opportunities that these modifications and larger spaces will afford in the goal to offer even more programs and resources to the citizens of Marion County. They look forward to the fact that they can offer a facility that truly encompasses their mission which is, “To enrich lives, build community, promote creativity and foster success by bringing people, information, opportunity, and ideas together.” This will truly be a place that will welcome all that enter, inspire them to interact with their fellow community members and encourage all ages to play, learn and experience all that “their” library offers! Please check back soon for more details as the project progresses.

Amy Morgeson
Director, Marion County Public Library