Design Den policies

The Design Den at the Marion County Public Library (MCPL) is a place for community members to connect, discover, and create. The library strives to provide enriching opportunities for people to learn new skills and collaborate. The Design Den will provide access to a variety of tools that allow patrons to make, explore, and tinker.

The Design Den is open during normal library operating hours.

Those wishing to utilize the tools and the Design Den must submit a completed waiver. Children under 18 must have the waiver completed by a parent or guardian. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult when in the Design Den.

Rules and Regulations

  1. The Design Den and its equipment are available to all library cardholders with a valid MCPL Design Den agreement on file. The use of some equipment may also require additional signed agreements and/or training. Juvenile agreements granting permission to use the Design Den must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  2. Usage of the Design Den is free, but patrons who wish to use the Design Den and its agreement must attend the Intro to the MCPL Design Den class and receive any additional training from an MCPL staff member related to the equipment required.
  3. Children age 11 and under must be accompanied by an adult (person over the age of 18), at all times, who is in the room.
  4. When arriving at the library for a scheduled time with a piece of equipment, users must check in at the Circulation Desk before entering the Design Den.
  5. Some equipment in the Design Den may be reserved up to a week in advance for one 3-hour session. Occasionally, equipment or even the Design Den itself may be unavailable for use during library programs.
  6. If a user has a reservation for a certain machine, staff will make an effort to contact the patron before they arrive should the machine encounter a problem and become unavailable. This courtesy notification cannot be guaranteed.
  7. If any item in the Design Den is found to be in a permanently unusable or damaged condition after a user has finished, the user could be subject to a charge that may include the price of replacing the item.
  8. If any item in the Design Den goes missing or is stolen during the period when a user was present, the user could be subject to a charge that may include the price of replacing the item.
  9. When creating digital content with the library’s equipment, please remember to bring your own storage devices (flash drive) or store your work via an online cloud service. The library’s computers do not store individual work or projects. All images, videos, and recordings will be removed from the equipment. Any use of library equipment for inappropriate materials may result in loss of Design Den and/or library privileges.
  10. MCPL staff reserves the right to end or pause the use of Design Den equipment for any reason.
  11. Design Den users must clean-up the area(s) before departing.
  12. Some equipment and/or materials require MCPL staff supervision.
  13. Only library computers may be connected to Design Den equipment.
  14. Library equipment cannot be removed from the Design Den room.
  15. Library equipment should be used in a manner consistent with the proper use of each device. Equipment should not be mishandled or used in a way that can cause damage. Staff have the right to end the use of equipment if deemed necessary.
  16. It is the responsibility of Design Den users to immediately discontinue use of any equipment and inform a member of the library staff in any of the following circumstances:
    a. Uncertainty about the use or behavior of MCPL equipment.
    b. A work surface, tool, or piece of equipment cannot be returned to its original borrowed state.
    c. A user suspects any tool, or piece of equipment, as unsafe or in a state of disrepair.
    d. Any accident or incident occurs.
    e. Any unsafe behavior by users.
  17. Food and drinks are not prohibited in the Design Den.
  18. Approved users of the Design Den may bring in one (1) person with them when using equipment, but said user is not allowed to utilize the equipment unless they have a signed Design Den agreement for that specific equipment on file with MCPL. The user registered for that specific time frame, however, is the person who will be held responsible for any damage to said equipment and/or other users.
  19. In most cases, Design Den users are responsible to provide their own consumable materials. The Library cannot guarantee the production confidentiality, quality, specific delivery times, or prevention of undesirable outcomes.
  20. Staff must approve all user-supplied materials in order to reduce risk to other users or damage to the equipment.
  21. Any use of the Design Den must comply with all applicable local, state, and federal laws.
  22. The individual using the Design Den assumes responsibility. In assuming this responsibility, it is understood that the person agrees to pay for all damage to any property of the Marion County Public Library resulting directly or indirectly from the conduct of the individual. The library will arrange for all repairs.
  23. By using the Design Den, the individual agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Marion County Public Library Board of Trustees and staff from and against all liability that may be imposed upon them, or any of them individually, for any injury to persons or property caused by the individual or any person in connection with the individual.
  24. In is understood that the Marion County Public Library, its Board of Trustees and staff, assume no responsibility whatever for any property placed in the library in connection with using the Design Den and that the Marion County Public Library, its Board of Trustees and staff, collectively and individually, are hereby released and discharged from any and all liability for any loss, injury, or damage to persons or property which may be sustained by reason of using this space.
  25. At the discretion of the library director, loss of library privileges for violation of these policies may occur.
  26. This statement of policy is subject to amendment at any time by the Marion County Public Library Board of Trustees.

Safety Guidelines

Safe use of any equipment is paramount. Some tools require specific safety gear, which is specified with the equipment. All safety gear must be worn as appropriate.

Hair and any dangling items, like jewelry, should be secured or covered before using equipment in the Design Den. Appropriate shoes and clothing must be worn.