Frequently Asked Questions:

When I try to log in, I’m asked for a PIN. How do I get that?
– PIN numbers can only be given to library card users in person, in order for staff to verify your identity. Once you have received your PIN and logged in, you may change it to any four (4) digit number of your choosing.

Can I renew my books online?
– Yes! Once you’ve logged in to your account, click on “My Account.” From there, choose “Checkouts.” You should see a list of everything you have currently checked out. Check the box next to the item(s) you want to renew and click on “Renew.” The items will renew and give you a new due date. However, if you have already renewed the items once, you will have to bring the items in to the library to renew them a second time. The system will also stop you from renewing your items if someone else has the item on hold or if you have accrued enough fines to block your account.

Can I place items on hold myself?
– Yes, you can. Once you have located an item in the catalog, you can select the “Place Hold” button out to the right of the title.

Why can’t I place an item on hold?
– If you have accrued enough fines that your account is blocked, the system will keep you from placing holds. There is also a limit to the number of holds one person can have. If you have reached this limit you have the option of a) removing holds on other items in order to put the new item on hold, or b) calling the library to request the hold.

The item that I want says “Available: 1,” but I was told the item was checked out. Why is that?
– When an item in the catalog says “Available: 1,” that means that we own 1 copy of the item. However, in order to see if an item is in, click on the title of the item. This will bring up another screen. At the bottom of that screen, you will see the status of the book, either its home location (i.e. “Audio Book,” “Adult Fiction,” etc.) or its due date.

Do I need to register online?
– If you already have a library card with MCPL, you do not need to register online. For those without cards who wish to register, online registration is not full registration. You may fill out your information online, but you will still need to come into the library with a valid picture ID in order to receive your library card.

How do I search the catalog?
– Just under our logo at the top of the page is a search box. You may narrow down results by choosing options from either drop down menu (located on the left of the search box) or click on “advanced search” (located to the right). If you would like to see everything in the catalog, just leave the search box blank and click on the maroon search button.

How do I narrow down my search results?
– Once you have completed a search, you may narrow down your results by using the facets on the left hand side. Use the check boxes to select items you want to keep or exclude from your search and then hit either “include” (if you want to search for only those items) or “exclude” (if you want to exclude only those items). For example, if you did a general search for “Nora Roberts,” you may select the check box under author for Nora Roberts and click on “include” to display only those items by Nora Roberts. You could also click on the check box next to “electronic resources” and click “exclude” if you wanted to leave out all eBooks. You may select multiple check boxes from different facets, narrowing down your searches as much as you’d like!

What exactly are “electronic resources?”
– When searching our catalog, you may notice some items show up as “electronic resources.” These items are eBooks and electronic audio books available through Kentucky Libraries Unbound. Click on the “click to access” link to check on availability, check out or place a hold on the item.

What is “text it to me?”
– If you find something in the catalog that you might want to look into later, you can use the “text it to me” option to send yourself a text message. The system will ask you for your cell phone number and will then send you a message. Please note, standard text messaging rates apply.

Why can’t I see my checkout history?
In order to see your checkout history, you must allow the catalog to track that information. Under “my account,” choose the “personal information” tab and expand the menu below that says “preferences.” From there, check the box next to “Keep my checkout history” and click on “update.” The system will then keep your checkout history from that moment forward. You may also ask a librarian to do this for you when you are in the library. Please note, we cannot update that privilege over the phone, as we much verify your identity in person.