Library Cards

Download our New Patron Brochure for a complete list of our policies.

Individuals may register for a library card online, but must be over the age of 18 in order to do so, and must have a valid Marion County address, ID, and valid email address. Registration is done online, but the card will not be activated until the individual brings in address confirmation and picks up his/her permanent library card. If you do register online, please tell staff that you have begun registration online and only need to complete your registration.

Patron status
– In order to get a library card, you must:
– be at least five (5) years old or in Kindergarten
– have a picture ID for those over 18
– proof of Marion County residence if ID address is not current (example: utility bill in your name)
– if you are not a resident of Marion County, you may obtain a library card by having your home library fill out our reciprocal lending agreement, stating that you have a card in good standing with that library.

MCPL also offers a Family Account. When signing up for a Family Account:
– Provide identification (as above). Everyone listed will receive a card (children must be at least 5 years old or enrolled in Kindergarten).
– Each family member may check out two items the first time they check out. Once these items are returned, the limit is 15 items per person except for videos, which are limited to 4 per household.
– The responsible parent/guardian will ensure all items checked out on your family cards are returned and the items paid for if necessary.
– Library privileges, including computer use, is suspended for the responsible parent and the child to whom they belong if fees are over $5.00
– Please notify the library if your cards are lost, stolen or if personal information changes.
– You may view what is checked out on your family member’s cards when necessary.
– You may renew library items once by calling 270.692.4698 or online at using your library card number and your Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Individuals over 5 years but younger than 18 may obtain a library card without ID requirements but MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Because of laws governing libraries, other relatives are not acceptable.

Parents and their children should have an agreement governing internet access and video viewership. At the time a parent signs a child up, they are given the opportunity to allow their children internet access and/or video rental access.

Parents should be aware that we cannot guarantee that your child will not, either accidentally or intentionally, view an internet site that you deem questionable or unacceptable. Likewise, if a parent grants permission for his/her child to check out videos, this gives the child access to all videos, regardless of content or rating.

We strongly urge parents to have an open dialog with their children concerning appropriate internet behavior and/or suitable viewing material.

Library cards are renewed/updated every three (3) years. If during that time you have a change of address or phone number, we ask that you inform the library staff so that we may keep your records up to date.

We will ask all patrons to allow us to take a head shot photograph for our records. This allows us to control the possible fraudulent use of your library card by someone else. If you have a special circumstance in which you would allow someone else to utilize your card (example: a visiting family member), please notify our staff so that we may make a note on your record.

Borrowing of library materials:
Your initial checkout of items from our library will be limited to two (2) items. Once these have been returned and you have established that you will take care of the community’s property and return it in a timely manner, you may borrow up to fifteen (15) items at any one time. Of these fifteen items, four may be video (DVDs). Each household is limited to no more than four videos at any given time.

Books may be kept anywhere from one week to three weeks, depending upon the type of book. Reference materials and new/popular titles may be limited to one or two weeks, but the majority of our books can be checked out for three weeks. You may renew your titles only once and may do so simply by calling the library or logging into your account online.

Videos are borrowed for seven days at a time, with no renewals.

We have a large selection of magazines that may be borrowed for 3 weeks, except the latest edition of any magazine, it must stay in the library. We also carry local and regional newspapers. These publications may not leave the premises.

The Marion County Public Library is a FREE library. We never charge a patron to borrow our materials, however some reference materials, rare or expensive volumes, or popular manuals such as the driver’s licensing manual may require a deposit to insure the safe return of the item.