Meeting Rooms

The Board of Trustees of the Marion County Public Library will make the meeting rooms in the library available to any group of citizens with the understanding that they meet the following regulations:

Library sponsored activities are given priority in scheduling use of the room.
The large meeting room and smaller conference room are available for public gatherings of a civic, cultural or educational nature. No meetings may be conducted for money-raising, political or religious purposes.

Exceptions: Non-partisan organizations may be allowed to conduct meetings at which election issues are to be discussed, provided that all candidates for an office have been invited. Non-profit organizations may use the room for fund-raising.

Allowing a group the use of the library’s meeting space does not imply that the library in any way endorses the policies, practices or missions of that group.
Application for use of the meeting room may be made in person, by telephone, email or letter. The rooms will be assigned in the order in which requests are made.
There is no charge for general use of the meeting rooms. However, if the kitchen facility is to be used or if food or beverages from another source are to be served, the library will collect a fee of $10. per meeting. This is to help defray the cost of maintenance and cleaning of the meeting room and kitchen floors, furnishings and equipment.
No admission fee may be charged by any group using the meeting rooms without written permission in advance from the Library Board of Trustees.
The meeting rooms, restrooms, and kitchen (if applicable), should be left in the condition in which they were found. Organizations assume responsibility for any damage to either the rooms or their contents.
If your meeting is scheduled to be held after library hours, a designee from the group must arrange to pick up a key and go over the procedure for exiting the library.
After hours entrance and exit will be admitted only through the back hallway door for the large meeting room and through the back entrance for the smaller conference room. The hallway, restrooms, conference room and large meeting room are the only areas available for use after the library’s operating hours. All other areas of the building are equipped with alarms and if these areas are entered after hours, the police will be automatically notified.
Any group meeting after the library’s operating hours must include at least one person 21 years of age or older.
No smoking or alcoholic beverages are permitted anywhere in the building.
The name and address of the library may not be used as the official address or headquarters of an organization.
The Library Director is authorized to deny permissions to use the meeting rooms to any group that is disorderly or violates these regulations.
The library accepts no liability or responsibility for any damage to persons or property arising from the use of the meeting room.
A designee from the group will sign the attached document, indicating agreement with and adherence to this policy. Copies of this document can also be picked up at the desk when picking up the key.