Pest Control Policy

For first time incident, director or assistant director must:

  1. Talk with the patron about what was found in the books/materials. And put a note in the patron record.
  2. Show them the materials and bugs in them whenever possible. (Tape insect to book tape)
  3. Treat items if possible.
  4. Suggest ways they can address the issue, giving at least 2 solutions (e.g. keep materials in closed containers at all times when not being used, inspect them before return, talk with landlord or management if they live in a congregate living facility etc.).
  5. Give them potential consequences.
  6. If it happens again borrowing privileges may be suspended until you can demonstrate that they have had their residence treated.

For second time incident, supervisors must:

  1. Tell the patron it happened again.
  2. Put a note on the patron record.
  3. Show them the materials and bugs whenever possible. (Tape insect to book tape)
  4. Treat items if possible.
  5. Tell them if it happens again borrowing privileges will be suspended.
  6. Discuss treatment options for keeping materials bug free.

Third time incident:

  1. Suspend borrowing privileges.
  2. Specify what counts as treatment (management notice of treatment, bill from exterminator, receipt and empty container of treatment for self-treatment, one patron actually moved).
  3. If Library privileges are suspended until the patron can prove that they no longer have an infestation, staff may want to provide them with information on how to accomplish this.
    1. Provide a brochure available from the NKY Health Department. Here’s there link to their page with more information:
    2. UK Extension Service on Bed Bugs provides another helpful document:
  4. For patrons who come to the Library with bugs on their person or belongings, the procedure is the same: patrons will be given a warning, given suggestions, and suspended until they can prove treatment.

This procedure becomes effective on January 13th 2016 and replaces any previous policy written or implied. The Board of Trustees of the Marion County Public Library reserves the right to amend, alter or revoke this policy if it is deemed necessary and desirable to do so.