Design Den

The Design Den at the Marion County Public Library (MCPL) is a place for community members to connect, discover, and create. The library strives to provide enriching opportunities for people to learn new skills and collaborate. The Design Den will provide access to a variety of tools that allow patrons to make, explore, and tinker.

The Design Den contains a little something for everyone. Included equipment includes a 3D printer, sewing machine, embroidery machine, two Cricuts for cutting paper/vinyl, two heat presses, a sublimation ink printer (for use with the heat press), Cricut mug press, robotics equipment, and large format printer. There is also equipment for those wanting to get into YouTube, including green screens, video editing software, microphones, and digital cameras. We also have a variety of conversion equipment including cassette converter, LP converter, slide/negative scanner, VHS to DVD converter, and Super 8/8mm film converter.

The Design Den is open during normal library operating hours.

Design Den policies can be found here. Those wishing to utilize the Design Den must first attend an orientation class in order to have their library card privileges modified to include Design Den usage. Additional classes may be required for some equipment.