Large Format Printer

The library is pleased to offer large format printing on a variety of media types and sizes.  We can provide signage, banners, and posters. Customers are expected to provide files that are either sized and ready to print or files that can be enlarged to the desired size with no loss of quality.

The library is able to offer this service at a very reasonable rate, only covering the cost of overhead and consumables. The library does NOT offer design services, a primary reason the cost is so attractive.  As a courtesy, when a file is submitted for large format printing, if it is noted that the file is not suitable for enlargement, we will let the customer know.  In most instances we cannot correct the file. We accept .jpg images, .png images, Microsoft Publisher documents or PDF files.  In some cases, other files may be accepted but customers should submit the file(s) for inspection before expecting a finished print job.

The first media type we offer is 20# bond.  This is like  standard copy paper.  We offer it on both a 24” wide roll and a 36” wide roll.  When a job is submitted for this type of media we make every effort to select the roll size that will be the most economical for the customer.  Pricing for 20# bond is $0.35 per foot regardless of the paper length.

We also offer 32# bond which is a thicker paper.  It is an excellent choice for photo reproduction. 32# bond is only available on a 36” roll. Pricing for 32# bond is $2 per foot.

Another option available is high-gloss photo paper, available only in 36” wide. It is also an excellent choice for photo reproduction but has a high gloss finish instead of the matte finish of the 32# bond. Pricing for high-gloss photo paper is $6 per foot.

We are pleased to offer banner material.  This is a vinyl product, only available on a 24” roll and can be fitted with grommets for hanging.  While this product has no guarantee for long term outdoor use, we have found that it holds up very well in outdoor conditions, up to at least 8 weeks through our own testing of the product. If the product gets wet, the inks will dry with no smudging or smearing as long as the product is left alone to dry.  If you were to run your finger across the printed material while it is wet, it WILL smear. Pricing for our banner material is $4 per foot.  Grommets for hanging are $0.10 each and we install. General rule of thumb, unless otherwise requested is 4 grommets, one in each corner for banners five feet in length or less.  Six to eight feet, 6 grommets (four corners and top and bottom in the center). Over eight feet we recommend grommets at two foot intervals.

The library also offers two posterboard sizes, 24” x 30” and 30” x 40”. Pricing for 24” x 30” is $22.50 each. Pricing for 30” x 40” is $42.50 each.

Important notes:

Pricing subject to change. Please contact the library for current pricing.

The library staff makes every effort to take note of any mistakes or issues with any file submitted. That said, we are not responsible for jobs that are printed with an unexpected or undesired outcome.  The customer will still be responsible for the cost of printing.

We make every effort to get to your job in a timely manner. We cannot, however, guarantee “on-demand” printing. Please submit your job with enough turn around time to accommodate staffing, machine, or consumable issues.

If submitting your job via email, please send your job to:  [email protected].  In the subject line, please write “Large format printing”.  Please put the specifics of your job in the body of the email.  If no instructions are provided the job will either be printed “as is” or will not be printed at all if we cannot determine what you, as the customer, wants.

If you have any questions, please contact library staff at 270-692-4698.